Metal: E - Copper. Finished: Electro Tinned

Color Coding of Insulation Sleeves 1.5 - RED, 2.5 - Blue, 4 - 6 Yellow

‘HEX’ range of cable terminate ends have teen designed to meet international standards. This ensures compliance with the demands of a majority of end user’s lite tee Electrical Authorities, Contractors, Switch Board Panel Builders, Electrical Wholesale Outlets and Traders.

Copper specification: 99% IACS, to BS 601 7 1981 (1989).
Copper finish: Electro Tinned to BS 18721984 (1984)
The compliance with electrical specification are in accordance with the general requirement’s. Initial/Final Resistance, Tensile “Pull Off” test and Cycling Periods, if necessary.

  • Compression joints for copper connections as per BS 4579 part 11970 (1988)

We also manufacture the following terminals as per DIN standards:

  • Copper sealing ferrules as per DIN 46228
  • Copper Tubular terminals as per DIN 40500
  • Copper Tubular terminals as per DIN 46235