• IN LINE CONNECTORS & FERRULES: They are manufactured from sot drawn bare copper tube as per BS-1977 and aluminum to obtain high electrical & mechanical strength. They are used for straight through joints for joining of cable conductors.
  • RING TYPE TERMINAL ENDS :They are manufactured from high conductivity copper and are Electro -tinned for corrosion resistance. Ring type terminal ends are available in different sizes, to serve the different joining techniques such as Crimping, Soldering and Welding.
  • PIN TYPE TERMINAL ENDS:Three types are available in this type of terminal ends Round, Regular, and Flat. They are mainly used for Control Cables, Terminal station, Flexible core, For smaller sizes of cable etc. Pin type terminal Ends are generally available for Crimping type of connections which are made out of High Conductivity copper.
  • FORK TYPE TERMINAL ENDS: This type of terminal ends are mainlyu sedf erinationo fF flexible wires, Cords, Control cables, Meters of control panel/switchboard, Contractors etc, according to the requirement’s. They are made of High conductivity copper and are for Crimping.
  • REDUCER PIN TYPE OF TERMINAL ENDS: Reducers or copper pin terminals are produced to meet the needs of cable entering, Copper tunnel clamps such as fine gears, Cutouts, Meters