Al-Cu-Br Metal terminals are used for connecting aluminium cables to copper busbars

Our range of Aluminum – Copper Bi- Metal Terminals (With Copper Palms) is appreciated owing to the following advantages:

  • Safe & low cost both in and use.
  • All copper products are electro-tinned to BS standard and Wis prevents it from corrosion and oxidation.
  • PVC insulation is provided to terminals for exceptional di-electric strength & for supporting
  • Entry to the wire barrel is shock-proof, or bell mouthed for faster and easier conductor entry.

These are manufactured under strict quality control and confirm fly to the specification and requirements.

Crimping Test Applied Force :

  • Upto 240 mm2 -13 x 105 N
  • 300 mm2 to 630 mm2 – 2.0×105 N
  • Above 630 mm2 – 43 x 105 N

Construction : Forged circular copper palm is friction welded to an EC grade
Aluminium circular barrel thus achieving to test possible transition