Material: Aluminium, Finished: Natural/ Passivated Aluminium

HEX’ range of cable terminate ends have teen designed to meet international standards. This ensures compliance with the demands of a majority of end user’s lite tee Electrical Authorities, Contractors, Switch Board Panel Builders, Electrical Wholesale Outlets and Traders.

Copper specification: 99% IACS, to BS 601 7 1981 (1989).
Copper finish: Electro Tinned to BS 18721984 (1984)

The compliance with electrical specification are in accordance with the general requirement’s. Initial/Final Resistance, Tensile “Pull Off” test and Cycling Periods, if necessary.Compression joints for copper connections as per BS 4579 part 11970 (1988)
We also manufacture the following terminals as per DIN standards:

  • Copper sealing ferrules as per DIN 46228
  • Copper Tubular terminals as per DIN 40500
  • Copper Tubular terminals as per DIN 46235